We are Lotus Vision Studios, an independent software house that focuses on carefully crafting and delivering quality gaming experiences to you, the player, for you to enjoy either in your own company or with a partner. Led by game designer Akua McEachron we're a studio built on putting quality first when it comes to developing our works.

In beginning a new endeavor, we first start with an idea which serves as our concept. Once established we then translate this concept onto paper via conceptual artwork that captures mood and composition, technical drafts that illustrate character and key prop specifications, and the most important element, a script that contains our story, our world, our characters: their backstory, their motivations, their vices, their virtues, and so on. In this phase we're also conducting both world and technical research to add the amount of depth required to ground our ideas and establish a framework. From there we then run tests, conduct experiments, challenges theories, and develop assets using the tools and resources at our disposal.

With each concept drawn, sculpt made, line of code written, environment designed and populated, mechanic implemented, emotion spoken, and sound engineered we ensure that we maintain the established bar of quality we've set for ourselves. However, at the heart of our studio we are natural born storytellers and story-seekers, a fact evident within our mascot, Pip.

A character in his own right, Pip is a traveling nomad equipped only with his pack, the clothes on his back, and his mysterious lantern that guides and illuminates the way as he searches for his next adventure, eager to share the stories of his travels with others.

For this is who we are: Creators who seek to craft and deliver stories for those to enjoy.

From us - to you,

Lotus Vision Studios

Currently we are hard at work developing our first work, a future noir genre video game under the code name: VP.

Please email any questions or inquiries to:

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